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Family Law Agreements

Written agreements can be utilized to amicably resolve a variety of relationship and family law matters. There are many types of family law agreements which allow for financial planning before and during relationships and marriages. In the event of divorce or the end of a relationship, written agreements are also a valuable tool to facilitate efficient and fair out of court settlements.

Cohabitation Agreements

It is now common for people to choose to cohabitate with their partners rather than enter into legal marriages. Often, cohabitants are not aware that legal rights can flow from cohabitation and that there are legal consequences of the end of cohabitation. A cohabitation agreement can define rights regarding property and financial support to ensure your assets and income are protected.

Premarital Agreements

Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements, are agreements signed before a marriage which define spouses’ rights in the event the marriage ends in divorce or by the death of a spouse. Premarital agreements allow spouses to decide before their marriage how their finances will be handled both during and after the marriage.

Postnuptial Agreements

Like premarital agreements, postnuptial agreements can be used to define spouses’ rights in the event the marriage ends in divorce or by the death of a spouse. Postnuptial agreements, however, are executed after the marriage and can be negotiated and completed at any time during the marriage. Postnuptial agreements are commonly used when there are significant changes in a spouse’s financial circumstances during the marriage.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement agreements are used when a relationship ends and there are financial and other matters to resolve. Sometimes these agreements are drafted and signed during a mediation and other times they are negotiated between partners or spouses and their attorneys. Settlement agreements define the financial and other rights of individuals at the end of a marital or other relationship.

While use of agreements in family law matters is common, it is important that the drafter is experienced and understands the technical requirements and applicable law. Stephanie is experienced and skilled in drafting all types of family law agreements.


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